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Looking for a Way to Cool Your Home? Consider a Whole House Fan

July 19, 2010

Much much cheaper than installing a central AC unit, whole house fans are a great cooling solution for a home.  Also, if your home has baseboard heat, you don’t have vents that you could hook a central AC unit into. 

A whole-house fan cools a structure by pushing hot air from the interior of a house out and drawing cooler, fresh air inside through open doors and windows. In the morning and evening, crack a few windows and doors and let the cooler air flow in while the whole-house fan discharges the hot air through the roof.

Placing a whole-house fan at or near the high point of the house will accelerate the removal of hot air and replace it with cooler air entering the house through open doors and windows.

The fan cools a house by using the temperature difference between the inside and outside air. It will not make the temperature lower than that of the outside air. So you should run a whole-house fan only when the temperature outside is lower than the house’s inside temperature. Nights and early morning are the best times to run the fan.

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