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Modern Kitchen – New Updating Ideas!

September 20, 2010

There are some new trends in kitchens these days. It seems that styles change almost every 5 years now, and even new construction from 2005 can already look dated. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also one of the biggest selling points (or drawbacks) and can make or break a sale. Here are some ideas to spruce up a “tired” kitchen while wooing buyers with the latest in kitchen trends without gutting the whole room:
     1. Manmade stone countertops are relatively affordable and make a striking impression.

     2. Glass tile is huge right now, try doing a backsplash. It is also really easy to clean.

     3. LED lighting in swanky light fixtures looks very modern.

     4. Flooring: 24 inch porcelain tile is definitely coming into vogue. If you are re-tiling, do NOT use 12 inch tile. At least go with 16 inch. Also, you don’t have to use square. Rectangular, and interesting design, really is popular. Wood floors remain top choice for buyers, but are expensive. You can make a good impact with modern tile at way less than the cost of wood.

     5. Low maintenence, green paints and finishes are great and don’t emit noxious fumes.

     6. Contemporary styling, for example shaker styled cabinets with no pulls have a clean and modern look. Also, white or natural stained cabinets are really starting to get popular, especially maple.

     7. Granite countertops are now kind of going out of style if you can believe it. Custom molded concrete countertops can be inexpensive, and very mod.

Start updating slowly, a little at a time, and you will start to like your kitchen more and more!

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