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MORE Economic Growth for Northern Colorado!

August 4, 2011

Not only is Northern Colorado getting the new NASA center, but also a new Alzheimers residential facility and an expansion for the solar company Abound. These expansions translate directly to new jobs! Northern Colorado should expect to get over 10,000 new jobs with the implementation of these facilities. So what are they all about?

Abound Solar:

Solar energy component manufacturer Abound Solar is adding office space, Certification and Reliability Laboratory Space, as well as an outdoor test site. All in all, they are pretty much doubling their facility and once fully operational, the test site will produce about 100 KW of electricity. This can fuel 30 homes, although the company has yet to decide how the energy will be used. Even with this addition, they are still planning on adding about 400 KW over the next few years. They are expecting to add about 50 new jobs by the end of the year as a result of the Centerra expansion. Abound Solar’s technology was first developed at Colorado State University with support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. The company also has an R&D facility in Fort Collins.

Loveland Alzheimers Center:

NorthMarq Capital announced its Denver office has arranged $7.31 million in construction financing for the Memory Care at Seven Lakes Assisted Living center in Loveland. The center will be a single-story, 25,398-square-foot building at 1990 Pike’s Peak Avenue and include 48 units. The center will be divided into four, 12-unit pods that will each have its own community kitchen area.So what makes this facility stand out? It is a residential setting that is fully staffed. That in and of itself sets it apart from other facilities. The center will occupy about one-third of an eight-acre site that will eventually include mixed residential uses. Construction starts July 11 and will take about 10 months, with the facility expected to open in April 2012.

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