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Is Your Property Rent Ready? 12 Must Do’s!

August 20, 2011

There are things every homeowner should do to LIVE in their home. But what about the landlords who don’t live on the property? Here are 12 steps that every landlord should take BEFORE renting their space.

1. NEW LOCKS. Make sure you replace any and all locks! You DO NOT want to allow a previous tenant or owner with a spare key open access to the property. This is key for safety, so make sure you do this first thing! If you have an HOA, make sure you include keys to everything when you give them to the tenant, and anything else they will need. If you can replace it legally, do.

2. STEAM THE CARPETS. There is nothing worse than moving into a new place with disgusting carpets. Get them professionally cleaned so that there is no chance they continue to deteriorate. Also, make sure you air it out properly after, because the only thing worse than dirty carpets, is the smell of mold/rot.

3. LANDSCAPE. Take care of anything that needs done in the yards. Cut grass, trim trees and bushes, pull weeds, fix the sprinklers, spray dirt from cracks, etc. This way it not only looks sharp, but it gives the tenants some incentive to keep it looking the way it does.

4. FILTERS. Change them. Air filters are often not taken care of by clients, even though they should be in long term situations. Use the disposable ones if possible, they don’t require monthly cleaning and are less for your tenant to remember.

5. CLEAN. Not just the carpets, but a GOOD professional cleaning, top to bottom. Make sure everything is spotless and move-in ready.

6. LIGHT. Replace light bulbs, potentially with high efficiency ones. Make sure you get ALL of them, including the outside, and wipe down fixtures.

7. INSPECT CEILING FANS. Make sure they are still hanging on tight. Clean the tops of them and ensure they operate correctly.

8. SPIDER/PEST PROOF. Spray spider killer along the outside edge of the property, all openings (doors and windows) and clean out ALL cobwebs, spider webs and the like. Make sure you spray in the basement for extra effectiveness. If you need to, geta professional to do a fumigation.

9. CHECK OPENINGS. Openings are windows and doors. Make sure they don’t squeek, operate without too much effort, are hung correctly, fit the space and are clean. Tracks on sliding doors are particularly important because that can end up as a costly repair if they aren’t taken care of.

10. SCREENS. This is also a security measure to some extent, but it keeps pests out. They need to be in working order and can save lots of money in the long run.

11. MISC. This includes painting and fixing anything that may need it. A fresh coat of paint never hurts, and there is usually a laundry list of items that need some form of repair. Make sure those are taken care of. Tiles and grout are important too, so always double check that!

12. FIRE AND CO2. Make sure you have the proper detectors installed with new batteries and in the right locations. Typically one per bedroom and one on each main floor is good. CO2 is becoming more and more common to watch for as well, so make sure you take care of that too!
By following this list, you should be able to get your place into good condition for renting, and it should be easily maintained by tenants! Let me know if you have any other good ideas for ensuring a smooth process.




Ben Blonder

Owner/Managing Broker, Kapital Real Estate LLC

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Cell: 970-420-6166

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