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Fort Collins: Booming! Not Busting!

August 23, 2011

There is an apartment shortage in Fort Collins, and the only solution is to build more. Luckily a few are already being built. Although different reports have different rates that I have seen lately, they range from 3% to 6.3%. Regardless, that is incredibly low and apartments/places to live are in high demand! The influx of CSU students each fall drives rent up, at least 2% from $862 to $877 and they are only rising. Over the next two years Fort Collins is going to add new beds to the rental market.

Loveland has seen even more of an increase, where rent rose 11.7 percent from last year and now hovers around $1,045. The vacancy rate has risen since then from 4.1 to 5.2%. Loveland has seen a lot of economic growth as well with about 10,000 new jobs being created through new companies, more construction and a new development going into place.
Overall, Northern Colorado is in a great place for growth, economically, physically and for students. If you are thinking of moving to the area, just give me a call!





Ben Blonder

Owner/Managing Broker, Kapital Real Estate LLC

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