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Agents, Got an IPhone? Top Apps You NEED to Know About!

September 1, 2011

You know the music billboards top 100? Now IPhone apps have it too! These are the top 5 apps for managing documents, a key instrument to our on the go business! I recommend at least trying ALL of them! Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to go back to the office to make copies and just take the files back in the morning?

1. Scanner Pro. Thi lets you scan multipage documents and upload them to Dropbox and Evernote.

Cost $6.99.

2. Documents to Go Premium-Office Suite. This lets you view, create and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files as well as work in other file types such as PDF and Iwork.

Cost $16.99.

3. Documents Free (mobile office suite). Manage/Edit spreadsheet and text files both on and offline. Open files on your PC or Mac.

Cost: FREE.

4. TurboScan. Scan multipage documents, receipts, business cards and convert them all into PDF’s.

Cost $1.99.

5. FileApp. File manager and reader. You can copy files onto the device to look at them while you are out and about.

Cost: FREE.

6. DocScan. Lets you scan and send from your phone! Multipage documents supported. Also exports documents to different programs. Best part?

The cost: FREE.

7. QuickVoice Recorder. Record messages to yourself with TONS of awesome features. Go get ’em tiger!

Cost: FREE!

8. Remote Desktop Lite. Access your workstation from your phone!

Cost: FREE!

9. UPS Mobile. Track packages, find locations, estimate cost and delivery times, AND create shipping labels! Plus more!

Cost: FREE

10. (for IPads) Print Direct. Be able to print from YOUR IPAD! Awesome.

Cost: FREE


There you have it! Some of the top apps you can find to help run your business! Best of luck 🙂



Ben Blonder

Owner/Managing Broker, Kapital Real Estate LLC

Office: 970-797-2190

Cell: 970-420-6166

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