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“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?”

September 3, 2011

Fort Collins is a Hub for Foodies. We have so many amazing restaurants that I feel I should highlight a few of my favorites over this month. This time around, we are celebrating all of the great burger restaurants in town.

One in particular sparked this post. Right downtown we have an AMAZING burger place with an innovative, fun loving style. This burger joint is called STUFT, and boy oh boy do they live up to their name! Located right in Old Town on College Ave and Mountain, the burger bar is in one of the rustic buildings with modern modifications to fit the town’s outdoorsy nature. As you can see to the left, the bar has a garage door, which opens up to create an open and airy restaurant feel for the diners inside, even when it’s raining. For those who want some sun, or have dogs, just sit on the actual patio.

The atmosphere is also key to having an amazing restaurant. The inside genuinely feels like a modern, hip bar with a twist. What used to be Elliot’s Mess has been transformed into a new dining experience with an old and comfortable feel. Its dark, but its welcoming. Simply, it just feels like a place where you can kick back, have a pint or two, and enjoy a good burger.

What makes this burger joint one of the best in the city? Aside from location and atmosphere, the grub. To order you receive a menu similar to ordering sushi. You get a pencil, and you get to select everything you want. They have new burgers about every month that are featured on the front, with a typical favorite being “The Hangover”. They have every topping you could ever imagine, and they rotate, based on the build your own burger menu because sometimes, someone will be adventurous enough to create a masterpiece that should be shared with everyone. The menu looks a lot like the image to the right, and is double sided. One side having pre-made burgers, the other having a Stuff Your Own Burger Menu. Now building your own burger can be a difficult task given the ingredients, flavors and feel of what you want, but they walk you through the process in a smooth and easy to follow manner. Once done, it usually takes between 10-15 minutes to get your meal. And oh what a meal it will be.

I love seeing my friends eyes light up when they see whats coming. The mountain of fresh toppings, the choice meat (or veggie burger) and the overall presentation make for an exciting experience. Then add in the taste of the quaility ingredients, the mix of flavors and you have yourself a good meal. I will always suggest this restaurant simply because it is fabulous from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, pants unbuttoned but still wanting another bite.

There are plenty of other great burger joints in Fort Collins, but none of them really compare to the full experience you get from Stuft. So whenever you visit the area, make sure to stop in and try it for yourself. I guarantee you will leave satisfied!


Watch out for upcoming posts for Localism month! There will be more restaurant features, history, and just general posts that will help you get ot know Fort Collins and Northern Colorado!



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