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It’s a Combination of Things, Really.

September 5, 2011


What makes Colorado the place to move to lately? A combo of all that is good in life!


1. We have all four seasons, and enough time to enjoy each of them. Our winter may be long, but we get more sun than most any other state, so you can actually have fun in it! Our falls are BEAUTIFUL. Just go ahead and Google “Colorado Fall”, oh here, I’ll do it for you! Spring and summer also yield potential for rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, tubing, laying in the sun, and general patio dining in town or the mountains. I dare you to visit here and not try something new! Oh, and don’t forget the good ol’ Broomball!


2. We are a healthy culture. Still rated as the healthiest state in nation (although rising with the country) we tend to eat good food, enjoy the outdoorsy activities and balance out our days with calorie burn and intake.


3. A relaxed nature. We may be busy, but we all know how to kick back. Even in the big cities, you don’t feel rushed even if you have somewhere to be. Everyone is laid back and ready to hang out after work and have a beer. If you need to talk, I guarantee it won’t be hard to wrangle someone out to dinner or drinks for a chat.



4. Community Oriented. I may live in city with about 150,000 people, but it sure feels like a small town. You get all the perks: a great music scene, good schools, a place where everyone knows your name, local businesses and you can still meet a lot of people every day!


5. The ECONOMY. That’s right! This one made the list! Fort Collins and Northern Colorado are in a little bubble all of their own (maybe a bit deflated over the last few years, but resilient none the less). We have new jobs opening up like crazy. Several new ventures are coming to Northern Colorado in the near future, and we have an unemployment rate about 1.5% below the national average as is. People are flocking to the area, and vacancy rates are down, which is also great for investors (especially in real estate).


Overall, the quality of life is pretty high in Colorado. In fact it is in the top 10% of the happiest places in the nation and we are working to keep it that way. We love being outdoorsy, we love experiencing new things and enjoying everything the natural and man-made community has to offer.




Been to Colorado and have a great story? I would LOVE to hear it!




Ben Blonder

Owner/Managing Broker, Kapital Real Estate LLC

Office: 970-797-2190

Cell: 970-420-6166



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